Why Your Story Matters

/Why Your Story Matters

Below the Waterline

Photo by Oh Kaye by Diana Malone Akins, oneLifemaps Facilitator When I was a child I loved to make an image out of a page of disconnected dots. You remember them, a mass of numbered dots that mysteriously sat on the paper, a puzzle waiting to be solved. The excitement mounted as you followed the numbers and discovered the image hidden inside. Out it popped! Like an object under water! Transitional seasons can [...]

Listen to My Life: The Wisdom of Recognizing and Responding to God in My Story

By Sharon Swing, Co-Author of Listen to My Life - The Wisdom of Recognizing and Responding to God in My Story I arrived at this particular life crossroads after an exhausting three-year run that included a challenging "hair-on-fire" job while parenting a preschooler. I loved the purpose behind the work and the people, but the way I went about engaging in it left me depleted. In leading, I had isolated myself. Professionalism, discretion, and pride [...]

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Faces of Poverty

Photo by True Change Band by Barb Giordan I visited poverty last summer at Walmart. I was standing in the checkout line paying for my son's school supplies. It was piled in mounds like heaps of rubble; notebooks and pencils, erasers and paper. The cashier looked at me forlornly and said, "Wow, that's a ton of money for all those supplies." "Yes," I agreed. She said she was waiting for a woman to [...]

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What’s Your Story?

by Joan Kelley, Director of Facilitator Development and oneLifemaps Facilitator   I asked the question on Facebook, "How has story work been an important part of your ongoing spiritual formation?" Sharon Swing eloquently responded with words expressing the deep connection between life story and spiritual transformation. If you have ever wondered if story is important, you will enjoy her quote. "I don't know how to think about spiritual formation apart from my story! If I am [...]

Unmask the Divine

  by Leslie Dawson, oneLifemaps Facilitator It’s summertime! Many of us make plans to get away, slow down or even take a vacation.  Our family has enjoyed some wonderful times together. When I am away and get the chance to slow down, I often find it is easier to notice God and hear his voice. However, noticing God in the very heart of daily life can be a challenge for me. Being aware of his [...]

Unconditional Acceptance

by Sharon Swing, Co-Author of Listen To My Life: Maps for Recognizing and Responding to God in My Story I recently witnessed a conversation that was beautiful in its vulnerability. The level of honesty was disarming and uncomfortable for the woman disclosing her story.  She began to repeatedly clear her throat. The listener spoke simple questions and observations, without judgment, that led to a deeper self-awareness for the speaker. “I notice you sound irritated when [...]

Beneath the Surface

by Julie Jensen, oneLifemaps Facilitator February has ended and I’m tired of winter.  Although the Pacific Northwest where I live has been spared the brutal winter much of the country has experienced, the seemingly interminable gray of our skies does little to lift my spirits. It’s been a quiet and gray winter for me as well.  Colds and flu have zapped my energy and slowed me down.  An intentional “time out” from ministry has been [...]

In the morning, when I rise….

  By Marcy Hardy, oneLifemaps Facilitator Morning Reflection Questions: In the morning light, what do your thoughts first turn to when you awake -- your plan for your day or our God who created this new day that has never been created before? As a way to capture and tame your thoughts as you begin your day, sit quietly and reflect on this question, "Where was (insert your name) when Jesus put the creation in [...]

Are You Listening?

Photo by Ben White by Joan Kelley, Director of Facilitator Development and oneLifemaps Facilitator My son, Mitchell, (age 10) came bounding into our room this past Sunday morning.  He lives life with high energy from sunrise to bedtime.  John and I were still asleep as he came in.  He had the latest book order and wanted to share it with us.  Let’s just say we wake up slower than Mitchell does.  He begins [...]

Your Old and Weary Face

by Trish Gannon, poet I am thankful God has shown me beauty in life that is never found in a magazine cover.  I wrote this poem, “Your Old and Weary Face,” while remembering my grandmother, who lived with us.  My grandmother raised 14 of her own children and many grandchildren and friends.  This French woman sipped hot tea all day long and always had energy for work, fun and conversation.  The richness my grandmother brought [...]

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