Photo of Joan Kelley

Joan Kelley

Listen to My Life Facilitator | Director of Facilitation One Life Maps, LLC


Joan’s mission is to help people “connect the dots” on their spiritual journey, as they begin to recognize where God is found in the midst of the magnificent and mundane moments of each day.   She does this by creatively facilitating connections between people, words, ideas and designs, in order to encourage people to grow deeper in Christ and deeper in community.

Joan is currently most passionate about her work, writing and teaching around story.  She started working with the oneLifemaps team in the spring of 2009 as the base of facilitators was growing.  She hopes to help grow this ministry of story locally and globally as people recognize the power found in co-authoring their story with God.

Joan and her husband have been members of Willow Creek Community Church for over 20 years.   Her passion for connection and community is lived out in her neighborhood where she and her husband served as Community Leaders in the Palatine, IL area.    She has been involved for many years in Women’s Ministry as small group leader, coach and teaching classes on parenting, life story, mentoring and good stewardship.

Joan created her own consulting business, William Hugh & Associates, Inc. In 1994.  Her client assignments have focused on helping her clients make their businesses and processes more effective.   She has assisted in setting up and running an experiential testing lab utilizing real customers and staff members, proposal development, and design testing and analysis.

Joan earned her degree in General Engineering from University of Illinois.   She worked for many years as a management consultant at Andersen Consulting prior to having children and starting her own business.

Joan’s passion for family and community is lived out with her husband, John and their children – Megan, Drew, Mitchell and always Will.   Reading, walking and family games are a few of the activities she enjoys with her husband and children.  Joan currently writes a blog about her son, Will’s, journey with leukemia diagnosed in June of 2009.  You can find it at