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Sharon Swing

Listen to My Life Facilitator


Listen to My Life Facilitator
Co-Founder & Executive Director of oneLifemaps, LLC
Co-Author of Listen to My Life

Sharon Swing is the co-author of Listen to My Life and Co-Founder of oneLifeMaps, LLC, an organization dedicated to helping people review their life stories for the purpose of recognizing and responding to God.  She is energized when people discover the unique aspects of how God wants to live through them, just as He made them to be.

Sharon’s vision statement is ‘to be a catalyst for generative change,’ and her mission statement is ‘to help people articulate their intentions and live them out.’  She applies her knowledge and skills in change management, process facilitation, writing, marketing, strategic planning, human development, learning theory, and coaching to bring clarity and motivation to groups and individuals experiencing or initiating change.

Sharon founded Swing Consulting, Inc. Strategic Exploration, and has served business and non-profit organizations for 19 years as an organization development consultant.  Assignments often include services such as planning, meeting facilitation, leader development, change management, executive coaching and training.  Her clients include churches, non-profits, municipalities, higher education institutions and companies represented in the following industries: pharmaceutical, utility, manufacturing, distribution, research, and publishing.

In previous roles, Sharon served as Executive Vice President, Strategic Planning and Ministry Services for the Willow Creek Association and led the “Vision College” for Square D Company, working for the President of this Fortune 500 Company on large-scale organizational change.

Sharon earned a Masters in Organization Development from Pepperdine University, and she has trained with College of Executive Coaching to further her professional expertise. She is a graduate of University of Illinois with a degree in Advertising from the College of Communications.

Her husband, Tom, and son, Matthew, are members of Willow Creek Community Church in South Barrington, IL.  Photography, pottery, and snow skiing are a few of the activities she enjoys, because they connect her to God.